Thoughts on Tech: Leveraging technology

If you get down to the nitty-gritty, the real estate business can get really complicated. The But from a 30,000 foot overview, the whole model is beautifully simple. You need to generate leads, follow up and convert them to appointments, convert appointments to listing or buyer agency agreements, and work these all the way toContinue reading “Thoughts on Tech: Leveraging technology”

Zygo Solo headset review

In a world of near ubiquitous connectivity and streaming, the water has been one of the final frontiers. Bluetooth simply does not transmit effectively through water, forcing those who wanted to stream content while swimming to use mp3 players. But now there’s Zygo Solo, a unique headset designed for swimmers by swimmers to stream contentContinue reading “Zygo Solo headset review”

Tech trends in 2021

As we look back across 2021, some of the biggest stories in real estate have been closely tied to technology. From the proliferation of PropTech to major acquisitions and consolidations to Zillow iBuyer saga and more, tech and real estate have overlapped in numerous and surprising ways. Zillow’s $500 million acquisition of the extremely popularContinue reading “Tech trends in 2021”

Apple rumored to be moving into AR in 2022

Augmented and virtual reality have long been a dream of many techies. Recent reports and rumors hint that Apple is on the verge of fulfilling many of these dreams with the unveiling of an AR/VR headset in coming year. Such a move has huge commercial potential. Outside of the world of gaming, where VR headsetsContinue reading “Apple rumored to be moving into AR in 2022”

The iPad 10.2 inch 9th generation review

A few months ago, Apple released the 9th generation of the iPad 10.2 inch. This latest iteration of the “budget” iPad manages to pack a considerable punch, getting a major boost in its processing power while remaining quite affordable. One of the most prominent upgrades in this iteration is storage. The iPad 9 comes withContinue reading “The iPad 10.2 inch 9th generation review”

AfterShokz OpenComm headset review

It’s safe to say that two years ago, nobody ever imagined they would spend so many work hours in video conference calls and Zoom meetings. The events of COVID and the rise of remote work have made clear communication more important than ever, and that requires the right hardware. Audio brand AfterShokz recent release ofContinue reading “AfterShokz OpenComm headset review”

Enhancing gratitude with technology

Thanksgiving is (or should be) about more than Turkey and hopefully not too awkward family dinners. The focus should be more on…giving thanks! Research shows that cultivating gratitude can have major positive effects on your mental health. According to Harvard Medical School, there is plentiful research that suggests a correlation, if not an outright connection,Continue reading “Enhancing gratitude with technology”

Houston Association of Realtors launch ShowingSmart

Developing tech platforms has become an increasingly prominent aspect of real estate, as agents and brokers take on the challenges of the market in the 21st century. Showing platforms, designed to streamline the process of scheduling home showings, are a big part of this, as seen in the Houston Association of Realtors recent release ofContinue reading “Houston Association of Realtors launch ShowingSmart”