Population boom in Florida slows down

Florida is often portrayed as the Mecca for disaffected North Easterners and Californians looking to resettle somewhere with a reasonable cost of living and great weather. With the mass movements of people out of major urban centers during 2020, it may come as a surprise that Florida’s population growth is slowing down and many wouldContinue reading “Population boom in Florida slows down”

The unexpected costs of owning a luxury home

When closing on a home, it’s tempting not to think beyond the immediate costs—the downpayment, the monthly mortgage, and other fees. But when it comes to luxury homes in particular, there are unexpected costs that can quickly add up. According to a study by Zillow and Thumbtack from 2018, the cost to the average homeownerContinue reading “The unexpected costs of owning a luxury home”

Low inventory continues to affect the housing market

The biggest story in real estate news continues to be the historically low inventory of homes. The number of houses on the market has dropped dramatically and consistently for almost a year now and shows little sign of changing. Most analyses of this unusual situation focus on the high demand. But what about the supplyContinue reading “Low inventory continues to affect the housing market”

Gary Keller on innovation and the future of real estate

In this year’s Vision Speech at Family Reunion 2021, Keller Williams co-founder and executive chairman, Gary Keller, spoke about the future of real estate in the coming year. Addressing the virtual conference’s audience of 50,000 attendees, Keller focused on such critical topics as the role of technology, the importance of data and the past, present,Continue reading “Gary Keller on innovation and the future of real estate”

Caveat emptor: Some homeowners regret rash purchases

The unusual events of the last twelve months have created at times an almost frenzied market in certain real estate markets. The combination of low inventory and high demand has heightened the sense of competition between would be buyers. Some homeowners are now regretting their own lack of due diligence when unforeseen but easily avoidableContinue reading “Caveat emptor: Some homeowners regret rash purchases”

Moving back in with Mom and Dad

The uncertainty and shifting events of 2020 brought a lot of unexpected changes to American home life. There has been a steep rise in multigenerational households, in large part due to parents and grandparents moving in with their children in order to escape the perceived danger of longterm care facilities. It turns out that multigenerationalContinue reading “Moving back in with Mom and Dad”

To salary or not to salary

The question of how best to compensate real estate agents has become a more heated debate in recent years. New startup companies are starting to challenge the status quo with technology-based platforms that look to diminish or even outright eliminate the role of agents in the home-buying process. In this context, whether it to payContinue reading “To salary or not to salary”

Existing-home sales at highest level since 2006

2020 was a shockingly strong year for the residential real estate market. A confluence of different economic and cultural circumstances caused the housing market to rally over the summer even as other major sectors of the economy languished under the effects of the pandemic. In fact, the surge led to 2020 having the highest numberContinue reading “Existing-home sales at highest level since 2006”

CES 2021 showcases the future of smart home tech

They may not be the proverbial flying cars and rocket boots long promised by science and science-fiction, but the many pieces of home focused technology showcased at CES 2021, give an intriguing glimpse into future of high-tech home appliances. From wireless charging stations to smart faucets and toilets, these new devoices aim at being asContinue reading “CES 2021 showcases the future of smart home tech”

US mortgage volumes projected to exceed $3 trillion in 2021

2020 was a big year for mortgages. While the residential real estate market tanked along with everything else back in March and April, it experienced rapid recovery and growth, driving recovery in other sectors of the economy as well. The rapidly rebounding housing market meant that a huge number of people took out or refinancedContinue reading “US mortgage volumes projected to exceed $3 trillion in 2021”