Supply-demand imbalance continues to drive up home prices

Home prices continue to rise as demand stays high. While builders are working to bring the supply up, low mortgages and the country’s historic home inventory deficit mean that there is still a great deal of imbalance between supply and demand. The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller National Home Price Index, which measures the price of homesContinue reading “Supply-demand imbalance continues to drive up home prices”

Economists optimistic about where the future of the housing market

It’s a question that is increasingly being asked. Is there a bubble in the housing market? Is the market on the verge of some catastrophic crisis? According to a recent survey of top economists and real estate experts, the answer is no. In fact, there is much reason to feel optimistic about the future. AContinue reading “Economists optimistic about where the future of the housing market”

The past and future of the present market

The biggest story in real estate is as ever the seemingly un-stoppable housing market. With supply so low and demand so high, it is a truly unprecedented time. If we look back in history, what are some of the sources of the current state of the market? And what implications does that have for theContinue reading “The past and future of the present market”

The state of the market

Speculation has proliferated in recent weeks regarding the future of the residential real estate market. The market has continued red hot for nearly a year now. Is there a bubble waiting to burst? Are hyper-competition and bidding wars simply the new normal? As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Google analytics show thatContinue reading “The state of the market”

High housing demand causes lumber prices to soar

One of the most dramatic threads in the story of real estate over the last year has been the truly staggering rise in the price of lumber. Lumber prices have gone up and up continuously surpassing all previous records, and there seems to be little signs of slowing down. As of Monday, the lumber futuresContinue reading “High housing demand causes lumber prices to soar”

New-Home sales hit 15-year high in March

After slowing down over the winter months, new-home sales have roared back in March. According to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, sales in March were the highest recorded in 15 years. In March the rate of new single-family home sales rose to a seasonally adjustedContinue reading “New-Home sales hit 15-year high in March”

New horizons in the luxury real estate market

Markets are becoming ever more interconnected and global in the 21st century. The freedom afforded by international travel and the internet is widening out the luxury real estate market as well. With buyers having the flexibility to live and operate all across the globe—from New York to Paris to Tokyo—luxury real estate agents are havingContinue reading “New horizons in the luxury real estate market”

Federal Reserve signals hope for economic recovery

COVID-19 and the subsequent economic lockdowns have had a devastating effect on the national and global economies. The U.S. economy is still struggling to get back to pre-pandemic levels. Despite ongoing uncertainty, the Federal Reserve has recently suggested that a strong recovery is within sight. According to the released minutes from the most recent meetingContinue reading “Federal Reserve signals hope for economic recovery”

New federal legislation makes it more difficult to buy homes anonymously via an LLC

Upcoming changes in Federal regulations will make it more difficult to anonymously create limited liability companies. This may have an unexpected impact on how certain homeowners choose to hold the titles of their property. Under the Corporate Transparency Act, which was included under the broader legislation of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal YearContinue reading “New federal legislation makes it more difficult to buy homes anonymously via an LLC”

Interior design goes remote

The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives in ways that have yet to be fully understood. With everyone learning and working remotely for a year, we are now much more comfortable working with professionals from thousands of miles away. This is having a big impact on how homeowners work with interior designers. With the pandemic andContinue reading “Interior design goes remote”