Record number of real estate licenses as supply tightens

The first five months of 2021 have seen an unprecedented number of new real estate agents in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Real estate licenses are being issued at an unusually high rate, even as the number of homes available for agents to sell has gone down. So far in 2021, there have been overContinue reading “Record number of real estate licenses as supply tightens”

St. Louis eviction moratorium extended

The City of St. Louis has extended its moratorium on evictions. Originally set to expire on May 31, a court order has brought it up by another month, although there are certain exceptions. St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer ruled to extend the pause on evictions through the month of June. The new order doesContinue reading “St. Louis eviction moratorium extended”

Visualizing St. Louis real estate

The real estate market in St. Louis has changed a lot over the last year, as it has everywhere else in the country. Home prices and the rate of sales have risen significantly, as the number of new listings has dropped. Nine charts and visualizations recently published in the Post-Dispatch show exactly how the marketContinue reading “Visualizing St. Louis real estate”

Returning to office comes with unique challenges

As life gradually returns to normal, it is having a big impact on one of 2020’s standout developments—remote work. While many workers continue to do their jobs from home, others are starting to return to the office. But the office may not be quite the same, as companies and designers seek explore new hybrid workspaces.Continue reading “Returning to office comes with unique challenges”

April job report shows slower economic recovery

The meteoric recovery in the labor market seen in February and March has come down to earth according to the latest job numbers from April. Is this a sign of a major roadblock to economic recovery or just a minor setback? The latest job report shows that only 266,000 new jobs were added in theContinue reading “April job report shows slower economic recovery”

Seller’s market in St. Louis reaches new heights

The big story in residential real estate continues to be the combined lack of supply and intense competition between buyers. Trends in the broader market are leading to bidding wars and higher price tags for homebuyers across the country, even in traditionally affordable regions such as St. Louis. According to a recent report in theContinue reading “Seller’s market in St. Louis reaches new heights”

Mortgage rates go down fueling hot market

Mortgage rates have recently dropped again to the lowest rate seen in months. Low interest rates have been one of the primary factors driving the residential real estate market over the last 12 months, and it is continuing to drive sales in St. Louis. According to Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey, mortgage rates haveContinue reading “Mortgage rates go down fueling hot market”

Rent up in St. Louis metro area from last year

With all the dramatic changes in the housing market and economy in general over the last year, it should come as little surprise that the rental market has been majorly impacted. The highly competitive housing market and uncertainty about future employment has caused many would-be homebuyers to choose rentals, leading to a rise in rentContinue reading “Rent up in St. Louis metro area from last year”

Low supply continues to drive trends in the market

Low inventory may be the biggest story of real estate in the last year, and it looks like it will continue that way for quite some time. This is causing all sorts of other issues from rising prices to insane bidding wars. The most recent local numbers show some interesting trends. It should be mentionedContinue reading “Low supply continues to drive trends in the market”

Luxury home development planned in Sunset Hills

St. Louis-based homebuilding company, A. J. Borzillo, is looking to move forward with plans on a high-end residential development in Sunset Hills with their recent purchase of a 24-acre property next to the Sunset Country Club. A. J. Borzillo recently purchased the undeveloped property from Neff Property LLC for an undisclosed amount. The land isContinue reading “Luxury home development planned in Sunset Hills”