As rate of sales dips locally, homebuyers negative about state of the market

A recent survey from Fannie Mae suggests that huge homebuyers are dissatisfied with the state of the residential real estate market. Are things cooling down or are buyers simply being priced out of the market? According to Fannie Mae’s most recent Home Purchase Sentiment Index, pessimism among homebuyer’s was up in July. Only 28% ofContinue reading “As rate of sales dips locally, homebuyers negative about state of the market”

St. Louis multifamily market booming

The multifamily market in St. Louis is experiencing a major boom. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and subsequent economic fallout, multifamily development is getting a lot of attention from investors. A recent study by Newmark Zimmer, a commercial real estate investment firm, put St. Louis’ multifamily sector as 2nd in nation out ofContinue reading “St. Louis multifamily market booming”

Institutional investors moving into single-family rentals

Major investment firms are pouring money into the residential real estate market. While this is having ramifications throughout the market, it is causing major changes in single-family rentals, as big firms have been able to buy out smaller landlords. There has been a marked uptick this in the amount of activity in the residential realContinue reading “Institutional investors moving into single-family rentals”

Investor moves forward on luxury hotel plans in Augusta

Hoffman Family of Companies, the Florida-based real estate company, has big plans for the small town of Augusta. With the company’s recent purchase of an additional 50 acres in the town, they are moving forward with plans to make Augusta a tourism hotspot. Hoffman Family of Companies has recently purchased 50 acres of land inContinue reading “Investor moves forward on luxury hotel plans in Augusta”

Housing market still hot even as inventory issues ease

The last year has seen the price of homes in St. Louis rise dramatically. Fueled by low interest rates and the economic fall out of COVID, few people have been putting their homes on the market. The resulting low inventory caused a major supply-demand imbalance. But the most recent data from June shows that thingsContinue reading “Housing market still hot even as inventory issues ease”

Rental prices rise in region year over year

Housing is this year’s hottest commodity, with median home prices rising dramatically in a highly competitive seller’s market. While rental prices have not gotten the same level of attention as single-family homes, rent has also risen significantly in the St. Louis Metro over the last twelve months. According to data from the site, RENTcafe theContinue reading “Rental prices rise in region year over year”

Major real estate investment and untapped opportunity

Real estate has certainly seen a dramatic year, with rising prices, bidding wars, and many other novelties. Fixating on the drama can obscure the amazing potential for entrepreneurship and opportunity provided by this dynamic market. Writing for the Triangle Business Journal, Sougata Mukherjee explains how. One element of the current hot housing market that isContinue reading “Major real estate investment and untapped opportunity”

Homebuilding boom in St. Charles County continues

St. Charles County saw a surge in single-family home construction in 2020. Halfway through 2021, building in the region is still going strong, an indication of the larger population and economic expansion in the county. St. Charles County has reported that from January to May of 2021, it has issued a total of 792 permitsContinue reading “Homebuilding boom in St. Charles County continues”

President of St. Louis Fed forecasts an earlier return of heightened interest rates

In a recent interview with CNBC, Jim Bullard, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, had a lot to say on the current state of the U.S. economy. His comments about the possibility of upcoming interest hikes has raised a lot of questions in the market. Speaking on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Bullard suggestedContinue reading “President of St. Louis Fed forecasts an earlier return of heightened interest rates”

Mortgage rate remains below 3%

Before going up slightly last month, mortgage rights have dropped back down. These historically low rates have created extremely high demand for houses that has created a frenzied housing market it St. Louis. U.S. mortgage rates have dropped back down this week after rising at the end of May. For the week ending June 10Continue reading “Mortgage rate remains below 3%”