St. Louis ranks high in transportation costs

After a eighteen months of disrupted supply chains, altered travel habits, and rising gas prices brought about by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. has seen a rise in the cost of transportation. St. Louis in particular stands out as one of the areas with the highest transportation costs, a recent report shows.Continue reading “St. Louis ranks high in transportation costs”

Napa Valley, Missouri

Development is proceeding apace in Augusta as investor David Hoffman moves forward with his plans to transform the small town into a major tourist destination. Luxury hotels, a riverboat cruise, a golf course, and—of course—wineries are all part of a plan to create a Napa Valley like experience in the Midwest. Hoffman’s company, the HoffmanContinue reading “Napa Valley, Missouri”

Key principles abide in strange market

There are few housing trends that have not been challenged in the last 18 months. Nevertheless, there are some timeless and fundamental principles that apply to the buying and selling of houses in almost all circumstances. As the local housing market continues to be unseasonably strong going into the fall, it is worth reviewing theseContinue reading “Key principles abide in strange market”

Real estate startup initiates its operations in St. Louis

Over the summer, a real estate startup committed to giving seniors more housing options began its operations in St. Louis. The company, TrueHold, is based in New York, but has chosen St. Louis as the pilot market for its new sale-leaseback program. TrueHold is directed towards senior homeowners. It buys their homes from them andContinue reading “Real estate startup initiates its operations in St. Louis”

Eviction moratorium ends following Supreme Court ruling

The moratorium on evictions, which has been in place following the outbreak of the COVID-19 almost a year and a half ago, will come to an end on Friday. This federal policy change comes following a recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court and will soon come into effect in St. Louis. On Thursday, theContinue reading “Eviction moratorium ends following Supreme Court ruling”

Labor shortage leaves skilled employees in high demand

The events of 2020 have impacted the economy in ways that will probably take years to fathom fully. One area where the change is already being keenly felt is the job market. Newfound flexibility and high-demand is spurring huge change across the board. Reuters, for instance, recently highlighted the “Great Resignation” among white-collar workers. LaborContinue reading “Labor shortage leaves skilled employees in high demand”

As rate of sales dips locally, homebuyers negative about state of the market

A recent survey from Fannie Mae suggests that huge homebuyers are dissatisfied with the state of the residential real estate market. Are things cooling down or are buyers simply being priced out of the market? According to Fannie Mae’s most recent Home Purchase Sentiment Index, pessimism among homebuyer’s was up in July. Only 28% ofContinue reading “As rate of sales dips locally, homebuyers negative about state of the market”

St. Louis multifamily market booming

The multifamily market in St. Louis is experiencing a major boom. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and subsequent economic fallout, multifamily development is getting a lot of attention from investors. A recent study by Newmark Zimmer, a commercial real estate investment firm, put St. Louis’ multifamily sector as 2nd in nation out ofContinue reading “St. Louis multifamily market booming”

Institutional investors moving into single-family rentals

Major investment firms are pouring money into the residential real estate market. While this is having ramifications throughout the market, it is causing major changes in single-family rentals, as big firms have been able to buy out smaller landlords. There has been a marked uptick this in the amount of activity in the residential realContinue reading “Institutional investors moving into single-family rentals”

Investor moves forward on luxury hotel plans in Augusta

Hoffman Family of Companies, the Florida-based real estate company, has big plans for the small town of Augusta. With the company’s recent purchase of an additional 50 acres in the town, they are moving forward with plans to make Augusta a tourism hotspot. Hoffman Family of Companies has recently purchased 50 acres of land inContinue reading “Investor moves forward on luxury hotel plans in Augusta”