Thoughts on Leadership: 5 Levels of Accountability

Most leaders have a love–hate relationship with accountability. On the one hand, we know that accountability is the secret sauce to success. On the other hand, we loathe having to report numbers to coaches and managers and we avoid being asked the “hard” questions. Being truly vulnerable about our failures and shortcomings requires a lotContinue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: 5 Levels of Accountability”

Thoughts on Leadership: Collaboration

Moving into 2022, I’ve got collaboration on my mind. The crazy events of the last two years have a lot of lessons for us to ponder and digest as we look towards the future, and collaboration is definitely one of them. So many people experienced isolation as COVID-19 disrupted our routines, institutions, and social circles.Continue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: Collaboration”

Thoughts on Leadership: When the going gets tough

It is impossible simply to coast by in life. Productivity and leadership require that you push yourself, almost by definition. But pushing yourself usually means that there’s going to be some pushback—from colleagues, competition, even your own brain and body. In short, leadership is tough. So how will you approach the challenges in your life?Continue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: When the going gets tough”

Thoughts on Leadership: Crush your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

A 2019 study including 800,000 participants by Strava shows that most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by January 19.  In fact, the results are so dramatic that Strava calls January 19 “Quitter’s Day”.  What makes the difference between the quitters and the winners?  Drawing from my own experience, I’ll share a couple tips below.  Continue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: Crush your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions”

Thoughts on Leadership: Are You Looking Up?

Perspective matters. A big part of pushing yourself and growing as a leader, lies in the ability to shift your perspective and consider things from a different angle. Leaders like to view things from the top down, from a place of control, but what about looking up? Leaders are constantly thinking about their organizational chartContinue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: Are You Looking Up?”

Thoughts on Leadership: Impact Players

What’s the difference between the solid contributor in your workplace and the Impact Player?  In her new book, Impact Players, Liz Wiseman notes 5 practices that distinguish the Impact Players from their less-impactful colleagues.  Impact Players do the job that’s needed.  While their colleagues may do their assigned job well, the high performers assess whatContinue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: Impact Players”

Thoughts on Leadership: Giving thanks

‘Tis the season to be grateful! Thanksgiving is probably more closely associated in our minds with eating, shopping, and travel than it is with actually giving thanks. This is a mistake, however, and we should take some time this week to reflect on all we have to be grateful for in our lives and whyContinue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: Giving thanks”

Thoughts on leadership: Models

A famous definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” It’s a trap that’s easy enough to fall into in any field, especially when it comes to leadership. If what you’re doing isn’t working and you want to avoid insanity, the first thing you should do is look toContinue reading “Thoughts on leadership: Models”