Of money and good character

In the fast-paced and increasingly technocratic modern world, we have a heavy bias towards intelligence and expertise. Tech gurus like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk, captivate our imaginations with their brilliance and vision. But there is a great deal more to success than mere intelligence. People waste their natural talents all the time.Continue reading “Of money and good character”

Of branding and the hero’s journey

Any product or venture is often only as strong as the marketing and branding that surrounds it. You could create the greatest thing since sliced bread. But without a way of capturing and engaging a potential client’s imagination, you will not be able to capitalize on your own creativity. In other words, branding is critical.Continue reading “Of branding and the hero’s journey”

Become a better leader with more disciplined decision making

The 4 Disciplines of Execution, by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling, lays out a simple but powerful approach to business leadership. The 4 Disciplines of Execution, or 4DX, model focuses in on effective decision making. Instead of taking a one size fits all approach to leadership, the 4DX model is flexible and dynamic.Continue reading “Become a better leader with more disciplined decision making”

Forming habits to reform your life

The butterfly effect describes the hypothetical phenomenon where a butterfly flapping its wings in South America sparks a chain of increasingly dramatic events ending in a tornado in the Great Plains. It is a term rooted in high-level physics and mathematics that basically describes the way in which small changes in initial conditions can resultContinue reading “Forming habits to reform your life”

The power of planning

Modern life is often highly complex, fast-paced, and over saturated with information—and not just trivial information either. Success in one’s personal and professional life requires the ability to manage and keep track of a seemingly overwhelming number of variables. There are hundreds of books, seminars, and methods for maximizing planning and efficiency. Getting Things DoneContinue reading “The power of planning”

Using science to handle the effects of pressure

The gap between our aspirations and our accomplishments often comes down to the ability to withstand pressure in critical moments. Faced with high-intensity, all or nothing situations, it is all most people can do not to choke. But is there a way to condition your mind and body for precisely these types of situations? InContinue reading “Using science to handle the effects of pressure”

Multiplying Success

From the Pointy Haired Boss of Dilbert to Michael Scott in The Office, examples of comedically bad leadership abound in our culture. Characters such as these resonate because most people have had to suffer under the tyranny of an overbearing, micromanaging, or otherwise ineffective boss. From time to time, particularly bad bosses mishandle their operationsContinue reading “Multiplying Success”

The 12 Week Year: Plan for the present

Most people have felt, at some point in their lives, the rush of procrastination. You put off that project for weeks and weeks. Now you only have a few days or even a few hours to get it done. You then work with superhuman speed, while before when you actually had the time to planContinue reading “The 12 Week Year: Plan for the present”

The Infinite Game: A more human approach to leadership and business

“If there are at least two players, a game exists. And there are two kinds of games: finite games and infinite games.” Thus Simon Sinek begins to unfold his considered and inspirational approach to work and leadership. The key distinction in the book is that of finite and infinite games. In finite games players areContinue reading “The Infinite Game: A more human approach to leadership and business”