The principles of subscriptions

Over the last decade or so, the subscription-based business model has transformed existing industries and created new types of services. From Netflix and WhatsApp to Dollar Shave Club and Man Crates, subscriptions are everywhere. In The Automatic Customer, consultant and entrepreneur, John Warrillow, lays out the growth of the subscription-based model and how to leverageContinue reading “The principles of subscriptions”

AI and the future of the workplace

The paradigm of Man vs. Machine is an extremely common trope in pop culture over the last fifty years. From Skynet to the Matrix, we seem all too eager to imagine an apocalyptic future where steel-hearted robots make humanity obsolete. Some would say, we’re already well on our way to such a scenario. In HumanContinue reading “AI and the future of the workplace”

Adapting to an accelerating world

We live in an Age of Acceleration. At least that’s what New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, calls it in his 2016 book, Thank You for Being Late. The world is becoming ever more connected and events occur on a global scale with ever increasing rapidity. How can we stay grounded in such an overwhelminglyContinue reading “Adapting to an accelerating world”

Innovation and disruption

First published in 1997, The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen is a classic, widely considered one of the best books on management. Why do companies, even successful and well-managed ones, fail? How to distinguish between passing fads and the next big thing? How do you balance sustaining the business you already have while also takingContinue reading “Innovation and disruption”

Platforms: Doing business in a hyperlinked world

The last two decades have seen the rise of a new kind of business. Massive firms like Google, Apple, and Facebook do not just influence what products we buy. They are able to actually condition the spaces in which we think and live. This is accomplished through platforms. In Platform Revolution, Geoffrey Parker, Marshall VanContinue reading “Platforms: Doing business in a hyperlinked world”

Meditation and the science of happiness

What is happiness? This perennial question has seemed even more relevant in recent years as so much of what we thought we knew has been upended. Is it money, fame, a loving family? What can provide longterm satisfaction and contentment. In NeuroWisdom, Mark Robert Waldman gives an answer grounded in an intriguing blend of hardContinue reading “Meditation and the science of happiness”

It’s who you know, not how you know

Conventional wisdom tends to be highly individualistic as opposed to collaborative. We are taught to value cooperation and teamwork, but on deeper level most people are conditioned to believe that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. In Who Not How, Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy show the power ofContinue reading “It’s who you know, not how you know”