When the going get’s tough…

The last 18 months have been a season of adversity and challenges unprecedented in recent memory. Difficult times can make or break an organization. The difference oftentimes lies in leadership. In his recent book, Leading in Tough Times, author and leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, lays out how to lead during times of adversity soContinue reading “When the going get’s tough…”

Review of Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds

The last few decades have seen a rise in polarization and politicization throughout the country. Facilitated my traditional and social media, everything from sports to comic books have become touchstones in various culture wars. In this context, censorship and control of speech have become powerful political tools, at the cost of the pre-political right ofContinue reading “Review of Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds”

Specialize in success: The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

In the age of the internet and globalism, there is so much information, so much expertise, and so much competition that standing out from the crowd can seem an impossibly daunting task. For creatives and knowledge workers this is particularly true. Success is differentiation. The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns is a modernContinue reading “Specialize in success: The Win Without Pitching Manifesto”

Automation, data, and us

The robotics company iRobot first released the automated vacuum-cleaning robot, Roomba, in 2002. Two decades ago, that was the cutting edge of automation-based technology. Today, it permeates every aspect of our lives. While we may not have flying cars quite yet, technologies that were considered the stuff of science fiction a generation ago are nowContinue reading “Automation, data, and us”

The Four Horsemen of the information age

In today’s world, a handful of major multinational technology firms have an inordinate amount of influence over our lives. From consumption to communication to the very ways in which we formulate and retain information, big tech companies have a profound impact. Much of this has been good, but by no means all. In The Four,Continue reading “The Four Horsemen of the information age”

Cognitive blunders and thinking clearly

The human brain is an incredibly powerful phenomenon. It’s able to uncover the secrets of the distant past and the far flung corners of the universe. It can calculate bewildering mathematical formulae and engineer skyscrapers. But it is also far from perfect. Our brains have evolved in a particular way. They have history. In TheContinue reading “Cognitive blunders and thinking clearly”

New horizons of productivity

Productivity. Few words have the mind of the modern knowledge worker more enthralled. But it can be difficult to define what exactly productivity is. So much has been written on the subject of getting things done and maximizing efficiency, and so many apps and programs have been developed that you can easily lose sight ofContinue reading “New horizons of productivity”

Membership economy and the psychology of belonging

The rise of subscription-based businesses has been a major trend over the last decade or so, especially in the digital world but even extending into such tangible, ownership-grounded industries like cars. In The Membership Economy, consultant and author Robbie Baxter explains the development of this business model as well as how to apply it toContinue reading “Membership economy and the psychology of belonging”