Cognitive blunders and thinking clearly

The human brain is an incredibly powerful phenomenon. It’s able to uncover the secrets of the distant past and the far flung corners of the universe. It can calculate bewildering mathematical formulae and engineer skyscrapers. But it is also far from perfect. Our brains have evolved in a particular way. They have history. In TheContinue reading “Cognitive blunders and thinking clearly”

New horizons of productivity

Productivity. Few words have the mind of the modern knowledge worker more enthralled. But it can be difficult to define what exactly productivity is. So much has been written on the subject of getting things done and maximizing efficiency, and so many apps and programs have been developed that you can easily lose sight ofContinue reading “New horizons of productivity”

Membership economy and the psychology of belonging

The rise of subscription-based businesses has been a major trend over the last decade or so, especially in the digital world but even extending into such tangible, ownership-grounded industries like cars. In The Membership Economy, consultant and author Robbie Baxter explains the development of this business model as well as how to apply it toContinue reading “Membership economy and the psychology of belonging”

The principles of subscriptions

Over the last decade or so, the subscription-based business model has transformed existing industries and created new types of services. From Netflix and WhatsApp to Dollar Shave Club and Man Crates, subscriptions are everywhere. In The Automatic Customer, consultant and entrepreneur, John Warrillow, lays out the growth of the subscription-based model and how to leverageContinue reading “The principles of subscriptions”

AI and the future of the workplace

The paradigm of Man vs. Machine is an extremely common trope in pop culture over the last fifty years. From Skynet to the Matrix, we seem all too eager to imagine an apocalyptic future where steel-hearted robots make humanity obsolete. Some would say, we’re already well on our way to such a scenario. In HumanContinue reading “AI and the future of the workplace”

Adapting to an accelerating world

We live in an Age of Acceleration. At least that’s what New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, calls it in his 2016 book, Thank You for Being Late. The world is becoming ever more connected and events occur on a global scale with ever increasing rapidity. How can we stay grounded in such an overwhelminglyContinue reading “Adapting to an accelerating world”