Gratitude, empathy, and leadership

We like to think of ourselves as grateful and empathetic people. But the fact of the matter is that gratitude is a skill that takes conscious effort. What is more, gratitude, effectively cultivated and practiced, can have a huge impact on motivating your staff and boosting performance. In Leading with Gratitude, authors Adrian Gostick andContinue reading “Gratitude, empathy, and leadership”

How to make an impact

Success stories, whether they involve sports, entertainment, or business, tend to stress the role played by the leader. The “great man theory” of leadership certainly captures the imagination by fixing it on a single dynamic personality. But focusing too much on the leaders means that the role of contributors tends to be understudied. In ImpactContinue reading “How to make an impact”

From upgrading to topgrading

The most important resource for any company or team is the people. Having a team of top performers covers a multitude of deficiencies in material resources. Talented employees and managers are the gift that keeps on giving, as they produce more and more value through creativity and resourcefulness. But building a team like this isContinue reading “From upgrading to topgrading”

Winning the inner game

In all our work, games, and striving, regardless of the external differences, there is a singular interior struggle at play. This is the contest between our conscious, intellectual self and our unconscious, embodied self. This is the thesis put forward by Timothy Gallwey in his classic book, The Inner Game of Tennis. In it, heContinue reading “Winning the inner game”

The measure of your emotions

Success rests on a multiplicity of factors. There is no single trait that in itself sufficiently predicts success. While most self-help books stress productivity, efficiency, getting things done, there is more to living a fully actualized life than raw power. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, also plays a surprisingly important role. EQ is a term thatContinue reading “The measure of your emotions”

Unlocking the potential in your ideas

Non-fiction books can start to blend together after awhile. Growth mindset. Stretch goals. Getting things done. And acronyms. So many acronyms. Now, mindset is certainly a critical component to business and personal success. A few acronyms are real game changers. But books that actually lay out the practical steps to understanding and growing your business?Continue reading “Unlocking the potential in your ideas”

“Humans are the biggest players of all”

The aesthetic of the 21st century can be oppressively corporatist. Spontaneity, joy, and delight are smothered in never ending rat-race of pursuing wealth and success, climbing the corporate ladder, and being ultimately productive. While all of this has its place, people are not productivity machines. We need to play and relax as well. Play: HowContinue reading ““Humans are the biggest players of all””