Databases and the digital mind

For nearly a decade, Evernote has been the standard platform for note-taking, journalling, task management, and generally being your “second brain.” While it remains a very powerful application, the last few years have seen the arrival of competitors that put their own spin and dynamism on the same concept. Notion is one of the best.Continue reading “Databases and the digital mind”

Apple’s latest device helps you keep track of your stuff

AirTags—Meet the latest member of the ever-growing ecosystem of Apple devices. The newest device from Apple can be easily linked up to a phone and used to keep track of your stuff. You will never lose your keys or backpack again with these high-tech tags. The AirTags are very simple and easy to set up.Continue reading “Apple’s latest device helps you keep track of your stuff”

Take collaboration and communication to the next level

It is a fact universally acknowledged that internal emails are really annoying and waste a ton of time. Over the last few years there has been an increasing interest in facilitating efficient, team-focused communication. Slack, first released in 2013, sets the standard in this field. “Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge.” This handy backronymContinue reading “Take collaboration and communication to the next level”

An Hourglass for the 21st Century

In this digital age, it can be easy to get immersed in the infinite expanse of applications, websites, and hyperlinks. Amidst the thousand and one apps out there to help boost our productivity and focus, even a little bit of tangibility can make a world of difference. Timeular provides exactly that. At its core, TimeularContinue reading “An Hourglass for the 21st Century”