Just Press Record app review

Inspiration can strike at a moment’s notice. For all those times when you get a thought or idea on the go, it is incredibly helpful to have a simple, reliable, and effective means of capturing that inspiration. Just Press Record is exactly that. Just Press Record is an incredibly well designed recording app for AppleContinue reading “Just Press Record app review”

Read it later with Instapaper

The sheer immensity of information and knowledge available on the internet is overwhelming. This is a truism. With the number of headlines, thumbnails, and notifications that bombard our eyeballs every day, how do you trim the fat and focus on any of it? The answer, at least for articles, is what have been dubbed “readContinue reading “Read it later with Instapaper”

Planting the seeds of personal finance

Personal finance can be very intimidating. The amount of technical vocabulary and obscure concepts make it difficult to know where to start. In recent years, new apps and services have made this process a lot easier. When it comes to getting started with investing, there are few better places to start than Acorns. Acorns isContinue reading “Planting the seeds of personal finance”