Walling app review

There are a lot of incredibly powerful and flexible task management and note-taking platforms out there. Evernote, Notion, and Roam are just a few. And while there’s no denying the effectiveness of these applications, they can be a bit intimidating. Sometimes, you need a simpler and more user-friendly experience, which is exactly what Walling supplies.Continue reading “Walling app review”

Moleskine Flow app review

Flow is one of a suite of iOS apps developed and published by the acclaimed notebook manufacturers, Moleskine. All of Moleskine’s apps put a premium on visuals and design. They may not have quite the same functional power as their competitors, but they absolutely ooze style. Accordingly, Flow is designed to replicate as closely asContinue reading “Moleskine Flow app review”

CleanShot X app review

Taking screenshots is essential for many different forms of communication, whether it be troubleshooting a technical problem or quickly sending images to a colleague. This function is, however, quite underdeveloped in its native form on macOS. Fortunately, CleanShot X takes screenshots to the next level and beyond. At its most basic, CleanShot functions very similarlyContinue reading “CleanShot X app review”