How to make an impact

Success stories, whether they involve sports, entertainment, or business, tend to stress the role played by the leader. The “great man theory” of leadership certainly captures the imagination by fixing it on a single dynamic personality. But focusing too much on the leaders means that the role of contributors tends to be understudied. In ImpactContinue reading “How to make an impact”

Riverfront home in Upstate New York asks $45 million

Built directly on the shores of the Hudson River north of New York City, this grandiose home is strikingly picturesque. Secluded, sleek, and luxurious, it was recently listed for $45 million. The home is located in Hyde Park, a small town in Upstate New York that also boasts riverside mansions that once belonged to PresidentContinue reading “Riverfront home in Upstate New York asks $45 million”

The time to buy is soon!

The time to buy is soon! A recently released report by real estate database firm, ATTOM Data Solutions, analyzes nearly a decade of historical data to pinpoint the best time of year to buy a home, identifying the most affordable day of the year for homebuyers. Homebuyers will almost always pay a certain premium comparedContinue reading “The time to buy is soon!”

“A tough day at Zillow” as they shut down iBuyer program

In its third-quarter meeting with shareholders, the Zillow Group announced that they will be shutting down their iBuyer program, Zillow Offers. This comes just weeks after they announced that the program was going on hold for the rest of 2021. What does the announcement mean for the market and the future of iBuyers in general?Continue reading ““A tough day at Zillow” as they shut down iBuyer program”

Spacious New York City penthouse asks $25 million

This penthouse in a New York City building designed by the award winning architect Jean Nouvel has set to list for $25 million. Boasting lots of space and a bold glass and white marble design, the home adds to what is already a very active luxury market in New York. The condo’s current owners, DanielContinue reading “Spacious New York City penthouse asks $25 million”

Keller Williams expansion team Hergenrother Realty Group to rebrand

Last week, one of Keller Williams’ biggest teams, the Vermont based Hergenrother Realty Group, announced that it will be rebranding and strengthening its relationship with KW. Called “Livian,” the new brand will emphasize a dynamic approach to the rapidly evolving residential real estate market of 2021. Hergenrother is one of KW’s expansion teams, teams thatContinue reading “Keller Williams expansion team Hergenrother Realty Group to rebrand”

High demand for luxury homes as travel reopens

The high-end housing market has done quite well throughout the last 18 months of the pandemic. Now that the vaccines are being widely proliferated and international travel is resuming, this trend is likely to receive a further boost from the influx of international buyers. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns varied significantly atContinue reading “High demand for luxury homes as travel reopens”