Reach more people and make more connections

In 2020 where people are more immersed in the digital world than ever before, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out in the constant stream of texts, emails, notifications, and social media posts. It takes a lot of effort to elicit even a second of someone’s attention, let alone real positive engagement. Reach makesContinue reading “Reach more people and make more connections”

Contemporary beach house draws inspiration from its surroundings

Envisioned by architect West Chin to be the perfect meeting of modern architecture and the white dunes of Long Beach, Waterfront stands out in the best kind of way. Engel & Völkers has listed this luxurious seaside mansion with an asking price of $5.89 million. The house of 5,900 square feet might appear at firstContinue reading “Contemporary beach house draws inspiration from its surroundings”

America’s wealthiest individuals make surprising recovery

“Uncertainty” continues to be the overarching idea in the current economy, as the end results of COVID, the lockdown, and the presidential election remain to be seen. Things appear much less uncertain, however, for America’s top earners, as the Wall Street Journal reports. Drawing on research from Wealth-X, the Journal finds the America’s top earnersContinue reading “America’s wealthiest individuals make surprising recovery”

MLB superstar Derek Jeter lists Tampa mansion for $29 million

Retired Yankees short-stop, Derek Jeter, has recently put his $29 million mansion in Tampa Bay on the market. Since retiring from the field, Jeter has been the CEO and a part-owner of the Miami Marlins. The home is enormous at 30,875 square feet. Built on a 1.25 acre estate, the property has 320 feet ofContinue reading “MLB superstar Derek Jeter lists Tampa mansion for $29 million”

Finding peace and focus in a time of anxiety

Interior peace feels like a rare commodity in 2020, where uncertainty and tension seem to be at record highs everywhere around us. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might want to take a deep breath, relax, and try meditating. The best app to help you on this journey to less stress and more peace is Headspace.Continue reading “Finding peace and focus in a time of anxiety”

The Infinite Game: A more human approach to leadership and business

“If there are at least two players, a game exists. And there are two kinds of games: finite games and infinite games.” Thus Simon Sinek begins to unfold his considered and inspirational approach to work and leadership. The key distinction in the book is that of finite and infinite games. In finite games players areContinue reading “The Infinite Game: A more human approach to leadership and business”

As share of mortgages in forbearance drops, many borrowers still face an uncertain future

The Mortgage Bankers Association is reporting that the percentage share of mortgages in forbearance has dropped from 6.93% the prior week to 6.87% as of September 20. This is the lowest level reported since the middle of April. More and more people are exiting forbearance, continuing a slow and steady drop that began in May.Continue reading “As share of mortgages in forbearance drops, many borrowers still face an uncertain future”

St. Louis University supports development in Midtown

St. Louis University (SLU) has partnered with the Gate District West Neighborhood Association on an affordable housing project in Midtown, the St. Louis Business Journal reports. The partnership reflects SLU’s desire to engage with the local community. SLU has sold the 400 acre property, divided across 43 smaller parcels, to a number of developers underContinue reading “St. Louis University supports development in Midtown”