Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky lists SoCal mansion for $22.9 million

NHL’s “the Great One,” Wayne Gretzky, and his wife Janet Gretzky have put their southern California mansion on the market for $22.9 million. They built the house around two decades ago, after Gretzky retired. Janet Gretzky said that the couple had become enchanted with the region when her husband played for the Los Angeles Kings,Continue reading “Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky lists SoCal mansion for $22.9 million”

Using science to handle the effects of pressure

The gap between our aspirations and our accomplishments often comes down to the ability to withstand pressure in critical moments. Faced with high-intensity, all or nothing situations, it is all most people can do not to choke. But is there a way to condition your mind and body for precisely these types of situations? InContinue reading “Using science to handle the effects of pressure”

Stay on track on all your tasks, with Things

It is a truism to say that effective time and task management are essential to long term success. But lost focus can cost companies and employees as much as $391 billion a year. In the time of COVID, with so many people working from home, distractions abound and it is more important than ever thatContinue reading “Stay on track on all your tasks, with Things”

Local commercial real estate developer Larry Chapman assesses the St. Louis market

In an interview with St. Louis Business Journal, Larry Chapman, CEO of Seneca CRE, talks about what it will take to revitalize St. Louis as well as some of the steps he himself is taking to do so. The COVID-19 pandemic and other events of the last few months have caused him to move fromContinue reading “Local commercial real estate developer Larry Chapman assesses the St. Louis market”

Multiplying Success

From the Pointy Haired Boss of Dilbert to Michael Scott in The Office, examples of comedically bad leadership abound in our culture. Characters such as these resonate because most people have had to suffer under the tyranny of an overbearing, micromanaging, or otherwise ineffective boss. From time to time, particularly bad bosses mishandle their operationsContinue reading “Multiplying Success”

Credit scores at record high

The COVID-19 pandemic set off the biggest economic downturn in over a decade. But despite the languishing job market and continuing uncertainty, consumer credit is currently at a record high, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal. The average FICO score was up to 711, as of July, the highest recorded averageContinue reading “Credit scores at record high”

Hamptons mansion on the market for $52.5 million

An oceanfront estate in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country has been listed by the Corcoran Group with an asking price of $52.5 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. Built in Southampton, NY almost half a century ago by Barneys New York Chair, Fred Pressman, and his wife, Phyllis Pressman, the seasideContinue reading “Hamptons mansion on the market for $52.5 million”

The 12 Week Year: Plan for the present

Most people have felt, at some point in their lives, the rush of procrastination. You put off that project for weeks and weeks. Now you only have a few days or even a few hours to get it done. You then work with superhuman speed, while before when you actually had the time to planContinue reading “The 12 Week Year: Plan for the present”

St. Louis fifth in the nation for converting old buildings

Adaptive reuse, the practice of converting old, abandoned buildings into apartments, has taken off across the country in the last two decades. While the practice was relatively rare prior to 2000, the 21st century has seen an explosion of developers taking old office buildings, factories, hospitals, and other structures and converting them into housing. St.Continue reading “St. Louis fifth in the nation for converting old buildings”