Rents up nationally, in St. Louis

Due to a multiplicity of factors, rent has risen dramatically over the last year in metropolitan areas across the United States. St. Louis has been no exception to this general trend, as the most recent reports show. RealPage Inc.’s most recent data on 50 of the countries largest metropolitan statistical areas shows that between Q1Continue reading “Rents up nationally, in St. Louis”

Remodeling as therapy

Numbers, trends, tangible data—these are what form the basis of all our major financial and business decisions. Or so we would like to think. But despite our best attempts to be purely rational and in control of our emotions and impulses Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Kris Frieswick has some intriguing insights about theContinue reading “Remodeling as therapy”

Former Howard Hughes Corp. CEO lists luxurious Hawaii condo

With an asking price of $25 million, this condo is one of the most expensive condominium listings ever on the island of Oahu. The gorgeous home justifies that high price tag with its paradisiacal ocean views and glittering floor to ceiling windows The current owner of the condo is David R. Weinreb. He is theContinue reading “Former Howard Hughes Corp. CEO lists luxurious Hawaii condo”

Walling app review

There are a lot of incredibly powerful and flexible task management and note-taking platforms out there. Evernote, Notion, and Roam are just a few. And while there’s no denying the effectiveness of these applications, they can be a bit intimidating. Sometimes, you need a simpler and more user-friendly experience, which is exactly what Walling supplies.Continue reading “Walling app review”

Winning the inner game

In all our work, games, and striving, regardless of the external differences, there is a singular interior struggle at play. This is the contest between our conscious, intellectual self and our unconscious, embodied self. This is the thesis put forward by Timothy Gallwey in his classic book, The Inner Game of Tennis. In it, heContinue reading “Winning the inner game”

Straight fire: LA spec home asks $22.5 million

In a ritzy neighborhood near Bel Air, this modern LA mansion has recently listed for $22.5 million. Luxury homes are hot in the L.A. region currently. But few are as hot this one, given that it has a in-pool fire-pit that shoots flames. The current owner is real estate developer Oren Hayun. He purchased theContinue reading “Straight fire: LA spec home asks $22.5 million”

Zillow puts hold on its iBuyer program

On Sunday, the real estate firm, Zillow, announced that it has put a lid on buying new properties through its iBuying program, Zillow Offers. Zillow stated that they are temporarily pausing Zillow Offers in order to catch up with the massive demand they experienced. Citing operational and labor-related shortages, Zillow said they will not beContinue reading “Zillow puts hold on its iBuyer program”

The rise of “co-primary” living

In the telecommuting world of 2021, there is a lot more flexibility in terms of where you can spend your time. While some have returned to the office, others have taken advantage of remote work to split their time between multiple residences—a move that can come with some legal and practical hurdles! Broadly speaking, theContinue reading “The rise of “co-primary” living”