19th century Manhattan townhouse asks $22 million

Located in the Upper East Side’s Historic District, this single-family Manhattan townhouse is one hundred and fifty years old. Having undergone extensive renovations over the last of its fifteen decades, the house has recently been listed for $22 million. The home was first built in either 1870 or 1871. The current owner is Wellington Denahan,Continue reading “19th century Manhattan townhouse asks $22 million”

Thoughts on Leadership: When the going gets tough

It is impossible simply to coast by in life. Productivity and leadership require that you push yourself, almost by definition. But pushing yourself usually means that there’s going to be some pushback—from colleagues, competition, even your own brain and body. In short, leadership is tough. So how will you approach the challenges in your life?Continue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: When the going gets tough”

Companies that made it big during COVID-19

It will remain a task for future historians to trace all the longterm effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But for some of the world’s biggest corporations, the short term effects could not be clearer. The last two years have seen several of the largest publicly-traded companies in America rise to even greater heights. Since theContinue reading “Companies that made it big during COVID-19”

Apple rumored to be moving into AR in 2022

Augmented and virtual reality have long been a dream of many techies. Recent reports and rumors hint that Apple is on the verge of fulfilling many of these dreams with the unveiling of an AR/VR headset in coming year. Such a move has huge commercial potential. Outside of the world of gaming, where VR headsetsContinue reading “Apple rumored to be moving into AR in 2022”

Leadership lessons from the U.S. Navy

In 1997, Captain D. Michael Abrashoff assumed command of the destroyer USS Benfold. Although at the cutting edge technologically, the ship’s crew had suffered from years of poor leadership and were in a state of low performance and terrible discipline. Captain Abrashoff resolved to turn things around through what was at the time a radicalContinue reading “Leadership lessons from the U.S. Navy”

Former residence of University of Miami presidents asks $39.99 million

A home in the city of Coral Gables Florida near Miami has recently been listed for $39.99 million. Built in the 1960s, the estate has a long history including an extended stint as the official residence for the president of the University of Miami. The home was donated to the University of Miami in 1974,Continue reading “Former residence of University of Miami presidents asks $39.99 million”

Private island in the Bahamas re-lists for $100 million

Back in 2018, the Bahamas island of Little Pipe Cay went on the market for $85 million. Now this luxurious Caribbean retreat is back on the market, with a brand new asking price of $100 million. Little Pipe Cay is part of the Exumas, an archipelago in the Bahamas of 365 small islands or caysContinue reading “Private island in the Bahamas re-lists for $100 million”

One for the record books!

2021 has been a crazy year in real estate. From cataclysmic events like the precipitous fall of Zillow Offers to the rise in consolidation and acquisitions in the tech sphere, there’s been a ton to keep track of. To top it all off, a numerous records have been broken, some in spectacular fashion, as theContinue reading “One for the record books!”

The iPad 10.2 inch 9th generation review

A few months ago, Apple released the 9th generation of the iPad 10.2 inch. This latest iteration of the “budget” iPad manages to pack a considerable punch, getting a major boost in its processing power while remaining quite affordable. One of the most prominent upgrades in this iteration is storage. The iPad 9 comes withContinue reading “The iPad 10.2 inch 9th generation review”