Thoughts on Leadership: 5 Levels of Accountability

Most leaders have a love–hate relationship with accountability. On the one hand, we know that accountability is the secret sauce to success. On the other hand, we loathe having to report numbers to coaches and managers and we avoid being asked the “hard” questions. Being truly vulnerable about our failures and shortcomings requires a lotContinue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: 5 Levels of Accountability”

HomeSmart files with SEC for an IPO

It’s 2022, and firms are already on the move in the real estate world. Case in point, last Friday, tech-based brokerage HomeSmart filed paperwork with the SEC moving towards an initial public offering. While HomeSmart has begun the process of their IPO, most of the details have yet to be publicly revealed. The timeline isContinue reading “HomeSmart files with SEC for an IPO”

Thoughts on Leadership: Collaboration

Moving into 2022, I’ve got collaboration on my mind. The crazy events of the last two years have a lot of lessons for us to ponder and digest as we look towards the future, and collaboration is definitely one of them. So many people experienced isolation as COVID-19 disrupted our routines, institutions, and social circles.Continue reading “Thoughts on Leadership: Collaboration”

Aspen ranch relists for $55 million

A property in Aspen, Colorado, has recently been relisted with a significant up in the asking price. The Merry-Go Ranch, which listed for $37.5 million in 2020, has returned to the market for $55 million. The property is owned by Leonard ‘Boogie’ Weinglass, who co-founded the clothing retail chain Merry-Go-Round, which had more than 1,400Continue reading “Aspen ranch relists for $55 million”

Zygo Solo headset review

In a world of near ubiquitous connectivity and streaming, the water has been one of the final frontiers. Bluetooth simply does not transmit effectively through water, forcing those who wanted to stream content while swimming to use mp3 players. But now there’s Zygo Solo, a unique headset designed for swimmers by swimmers to stream contentContinue reading “Zygo Solo headset review”

Home-price growth starting to cool down

While home prices are still way up across the United States, recent data shows that things may be starting to cool down. Recently released information from the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller National Home Price Index highlights a downward trend in the growth of home prices across the country. According to the Case-Shiller Index, which measures changesContinue reading “Home-price growth starting to cool down”

Tech trends in 2021

As we look back across 2021, some of the biggest stories in real estate have been closely tied to technology. From the proliferation of PropTech to major acquisitions and consolidations to Zillow iBuyer saga and more, tech and real estate have overlapped in numerous and surprising ways. Zillow’s $500 million acquisition of the extremely popularContinue reading “Tech trends in 2021”

Negotiating with human nature

Any business that involves interpersonal relationships will inevitably involve negotiation. Conflicting visions, wills, and interests will crop up and must be navigated with care. In Never Split the Difference, former FBI kidnapping negotiator Chris Voss teaches how to use empathy to connect with your counterparts and win negotiations in every situation. Voss’s big personality loomsContinue reading “Negotiating with human nature”