Zygo Solo headset review

In a world of near ubiquitous connectivity and streaming, the water has been one of the final frontiers. Bluetooth simply does not transmit effectively through water, forcing those who wanted to stream content while swimming to use mp3 players. But now there’s Zygo Solo, a unique headset designed for swimmers by swimmers to stream content from your phone while you swim.

The way Zygo Solo works is via FM radio waves, which are able to penetrate the water much more effectively than Bluetooth. The headset comes with a radio transmitter which can be paired to your phone and then broadcasts to the headset. Via the transmitter, you can stream audio from your phone to the headset to a distance of up to 50 meters away underwater. It should be noted that it only works up to depths of around 2 feet.

Headset and transmitter come together in a compact case that doubles as a charging station for both. When using the headset, you need to leave both the transmitter and your phone poolside, which is a bit of a drawback. The headset is also a bit heavier than most in order to accommodate for the bulky FM reciever.

That being said, Zygo Solo works really well. Besides the occasional bit of static, you can hear everything loud and clear. Being able to listen to podcasts, music, or whatever else makes swimming a lot more engaging and is a huge motivational boost.

On top of simply working very well, Zygo also has an app with tons of classes and guided workouts for you to stream while you swim. They’re all top notch and cover everything from beginner lessons to advanced workouts. Zygo also plans to expand the app with live classes, leaderboards, and other features going forward. The app is not free, but comes with a subscription of $14.99/month, or $119/year.

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