Thoughts on Leadership: Collaboration

Moving into 2022, I’ve got collaboration on my mind. The crazy events of the last two years have a lot of lessons for us to ponder and digest as we look towards the future, and collaboration is definitely one of them. So many people experienced isolation as COVID-19 disrupted our routines, institutions, and social circles. As we get back together, what will collaboration look like in 2022?

Ayn Rand notes, “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” In other words, it’s the outcome that matters, the goal accomplished, the race run. Who comes out looking good or smart should not matter to the creative individual. But so often competition takes precedence over collaboration, and as a result creativity and productivity suffer. When it comes to achieving great things, no man is an island. 

How much more effective would you be if you shared your 2022 goals with others and asked for their help?  Perhaps you get a business coach involved.  Maybe you hire a personal trainer.  Or, what if you decide to work with your “competition” and explore an abundance approach to your challenges?  In most cases, there is plenty of business to go around.  And the power of the MasterMind – to use Napoleon Hill’s term – is much greater than your own mind.  Hill said, “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third invisible mind.”  Two parties working in tandem often bring the best out of each other, a fruit of collaboration that is stifled when beating the competition is the only goal.

Now I’m not necessarily suggesting that you run out and find your biggest competitor and create an alliance.  But perhaps someone in your own organization, doing the same job, could become your MasterMind partner?  Dr. David Logan defines “Stage 4” Business Cultures as ones which emphasize teamwork and collaboration– focusing on the quality and characteristics of the group rather than the individual.  Stage 3 Business Cultures, by contrast, are entirely focused on the individuals.  

So, for 2022, reject isolation and consider collaboration as a transformational approach to accomplishing your goals. Find a small group and work together to be better and hit your goals faster and more efficiently.

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