Aspen ranch relists for $55 million

A property in Aspen, Colorado, has recently been relisted with a significant up in the asking price. The Merry-Go Ranch, which listed for $37.5 million in 2020, has returned to the market for $55 million.

The property is owned by Leonard ‘Boogie’ Weinglass, who co-founded the clothing retail chain Merry-Go-Round, which had more than 1,400 locations across the country before it shut down operations in the mid 90s. While he has listed the home several times over the last decade, he decided to re-list with a significantly higher price tag in the face of the booming luxury home market in Aspen.

The ranch is just over 21 acres, only a short distance away from downtown Aspen. The property includes an approximately 9,000 square foot, eight bedroom main residence, a two bedroom caretakers residence, and numerous sports facilities.

Mr. Weinglass purchased 9 acres on the site in the 1980s for $625,000. He only expanded from there, adding on 12 more adjacent acres as well as building the substantial main residence as well as a 13,000 square foot athletics facility.

Another major addition was the indoor swimming pool. The home costs approximately $350,000 per year in upkeep.

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