Apple rumored to be moving into AR in 2022

Augmented and virtual reality have long been a dream of many techies. Recent reports and rumors hint that Apple is on the verge of fulfilling many of these dreams with the unveiling of an AR/VR headset in coming year.

Such a move has huge commercial potential. Outside of the world of gaming, where VR headsets have been a hot technology for several years now, the most high-profile retail foray—and failure—in AR/VR technology was the controversial Google Glass back in the early 2010s. Although Glass did later find applications in industrial settings, its commercial release was plagued with design problems and privacy concerns.

More recently, the company formerly known as Facebook has also released a line of VR headsets, although this too has not been without its snags. Nick Clegg, Meta’s vice president for global affairs and communications, referred to their new headset as both “bulky” and “wretched” in a recent interview.

Then comes Apple. While there have been no official statements, buzz, leaks, and rumors about some manner of “iGlass” have circulated for years, with industry experts anticipating an announcement sometime next year. While much of this is shrouded in mystery, some specs of the rumored product have been leaked such as 8k visuals.

This may represent the next big thing, as Apple capitalizes on its success in earlier wearable technology like the Apple Watch. The already very fleshed out Apple ecosystem and excellence-centered brand gives them an edge over other companies in this field. While supply chain problems have caused a lot of problems with technological development over the last few years, Apple’s ventures into an AR/VR headset are definitely something to keep your eye on.

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