The iPad 10.2 inch 9th generation review

A few months ago, Apple released the 9th generation of the iPad 10.2 inch. This latest iteration of the “budget” iPad manages to pack a considerable punch, getting a major boost in its processing power while remaining quite affordable.

One of the most prominent upgrades in this iteration is storage. The iPad 9 comes with 64 GB of storage by default, double that of the previous generation. This means you can store a lot more movies, photos, downloads, and apps giving it a lot more long term usability. For an additional $150, this can be upgraded to a very substantial 256 GB, but 64 should be plenty for most users.

The iPad 9 also comes with the A13 Bionic chip. This combined CPU and GPU represents a significant boost in processing power, only one generation behind the A14 in the 4th generation iPad Air. Apple claims that users should see a GPU performance boost of 20%. It easily handles the new multitasking and split screen features of iPadOS 15, being able to run multiple apps simultaneously with few hiccups.

Another standout feature is its camera, specifically the front facing camera. This comes in at a whopping 12MP, a major upgrade! Unusually, this is higher than even the iPad 9’s 8MP back camera. Combined with the new feature of Center Stage, which automatically keeps you in focus even as you move about the screen, the iPad 9 is great for video calling.

It doesn’t come far in terms of design. The 10.2 inch has fairly large bevels, compared to the latest iPad Pro and Air. It also retains the home button, a standard audio jack, and the lightning connector, which have all been phased out in other iPads. These may detract from the experience somewhat, at least aesthetically, but really aren’t a big deal.

They certainly aren’t a big enough deal to outshine the iPad 9’s standout feature—the price. At $329, it is fair and away the best value for your money out there. While affordability has always been a major selling point for the standard iPad, with the 9th generation you can save hundreds of bucks without sacrificing all that much in terms of performance.

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