Ranch near Durango, Colorado, asks $33.5 million

Located in Hesperus, Colorado, near Durango, this sprawling ranch has recently come on the market with a listing price of $33.5 million. The vast property in the southwestern corner of the state comes with a campground, RV hookup, and plenty of vast open spaces.

The home is being sold by Charles and Gloria Pope. They originally purchased the property in 2002, to host their large family’s reunions, gradually purchasing adjacent parcels of land and developing the property over the years. They are now selling the home in order to downsize.

It’s quite a bit to downsize from! The ranch takes up approximately 175 acres of land in total, while the main residence comes in at roughly 12,000. To host the family reunions, which could bring in as many as 240 guests, the property also includes a campground and an RV hookup.

The main residence is quite grand. The great room, for example, has 22 foot high ceilings and contains one of the home’s five fireplaces.

There are also plenty of amenities, including an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a greenhouse. The ranch also includes facilities for horses as well as several riding trails.

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