HomeTagz review

A great way to get a listing to standout is to create a single property website. This is something that can really make a property standout in the ocean of online listings. It gives a feeling of curation and special care. HomeTagz is a great take on the single property website with some standout features that make that whole process a lot more immersive and interactive.

The biggest standout feature on HomeTagz is the ability to embed videos, pdfs, and other information within photos. You can embed one of several types of icons that can be interacted with to pull up more information. Numbers just highlight different features, such as amenities and appliances. Green dollar signs highlight furniture or items that are available for purchase with the home. An “i” signifies additional information like the exact paint color of an accent wall. And finally a red exclamation point is for information that must be disclosed.

Clicking on any of these icons will pull up additional information. Maybe you’ve recorded some videos for a virtual tour or just want or just want to present a lot of different information in an uncluttered and interactive format. HomeTagz allows you to do that in a really user-friendly way. You can even attach files, such as invoices for disclosures.

On top of that, HomeTagz also gives you printable QR codes that you can place within the actual home. A visiting buyer or agent can scan these codes to pull up the same information that appears on the website.

The primary downside of HomeTagz is that does not allow you to create custom domains. This can hurt your ability to brand somewhat. HomeTagz has a variety of pricing options available, depending on the number of homes you want to feature on it. One nice bonus is that you can actually create a listing for a property for free and have it ready to go, if you decide to purchase the subscription.

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