Arizona home built for art collector asks $9.5 million

A modern home in one of Arizona’s priciest ZIP codes has recently been listed for $9.5 million. Located in the Phoenix suburb of Paradise Valley, the home comes with a private art gallery.

The home was originally constructed in the early 2010s. In 2019, Matthew Boland and his husband, Christopher Greulich, purchased the home for $3.3 million. They also purchased the adjoining lot with a 3-bedroom home on it. Both lots and homes are included in the sale.

The home is approximately 9,000 square feet with four bedrooms and sits on close to a 1 acre property. Central to the home’s layout is a 9-foot wide hallway that spans the length of the house. The hallway was built to store and display the art collection of the home’s original owners.

As a result, the hallway is illuminated by museum-grade lighting, suspended from steel beams in the ceiling. Throughout the home maintains a clean, modern look with numerous glass walls and clerestory windows.

In addition to the distinctive gallery, the home also includes an expansive home office, a couple of courtyards, and some perfectly framed views of the nearby Praying Monk rock formation.

Mr. Boland and Mr. Greulich made some renovations to the home, in particular expanding upon the exterior space. This included adding more lounging areas as well as a second swimming pool.

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