Riverfront home in Upstate New York asks $45 million

Built directly on the shores of the Hudson River north of New York City, this grandiose home is strikingly picturesque. Secluded, sleek, and luxurious, it was recently listed for $45 million.

The home is located in Hyde Park, a small town in Upstate New York that also boasts riverside mansions that once belonged to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Frederick William Vanderbilt respectively. This home, known as Ledgerock, was completed in 2010 by Jacob and Monica Frydman. It has all the grandeur of a Vanderbilt mansion, packaged in a thoroughly modern design.

The main residence is approximately 15,000 square feet. There is also an outbuilding that includes a garage and a two-bedroom guest residence. The property in total takes up over 10 acres, but the home is built on a rocky outcrop right on the river’s edge.

The home is built in a modern style and on a palatial scale. Outside there are expansive travertine terraces with views of the river and the Catskill Mountains above it. On the inside, the structure is built of steel and finished with all manner of rare materials. Frydman estimated that there were some 60,000 square feet of rare stone used in the construction, so much so that there was a team of eight artisan stonecutters employed when building the home.

In many rooms there are floor to ceiling glass windows. A billiards room contains a backlit bar and leather walls. The home also has a vast and eclectic art collection, although none of the pieces are included in the sale.

Built right on the shore of the Hudson River, near some wetlands, the home could not be built today. The Frydmans demolished the original structures on the site and had the old zoning grandfathered in, although the floor plan for the new home had to line up exactly with old buildings.

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