Agenda. app review

The note-taking space has a lot of great applications with their own twists. From powerhouse project management platforms like Notion and Evernote to more research focused apps like Roam and Obsidian to simpler tools like Google Tasks, there are a lot of options to choose from depending on your needs. Agenda is a beautiful application designed around your calendar.

Agenda’s key design is that it’s a note-taking app based around your calendar. Any note you take is first and foremost tied to a date on your calendar, either a past, present, or future date. This organizational principle keeps everything arranged and saved chronologically, which makes it easier to keep track of your notes given how we naturally think in terms of our calendars.

Agenda is a MacOS and iOS exclusive, so by default it will link to your iCloud calendar, although you can link it up to other calendar applications as well. Besides this calendar feature, you can also create categories and projects in which to organize your notes, more like a standard note taking app. You can tag any note as high priority by putting it “On your agenda.” All of these notes will come up on the Agenda page in the sidebar above your separate categories and projects.

There is also another sidebar that allows you to view events and notes in a calendar view. It is very easy and intuitive to assign dates, tie notes to particular events, or move them around on the calendar as needed.

In addition to the date-based note-taking concept, Agenda also stands out for its impeccable design. The style and presentation of the app are quite excellent, even down to the little promotional graphic that plays the first time you open up the app.

Of course, it has all the basic features of a note-taking app as well. You can mark off tasks as you complete them, use markdown, attach files to notes, etc.

As far as pricing goes, Agenda is free to download and this comes with most of the features and tools you need to use the app. There are premium features, however, particularly ones that unlock greater customization. To unlock these, you must pay $34.99 to permanently unlock all of the currently developed premium features as well as any that are released in the year following when you make the payment.

Agenda. is available on the App Store.

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