Walling app review

There are a lot of incredibly powerful and flexible task management and note-taking platforms out there. Evernote, Notion, and Roam are just a few. And while there’s no denying the effectiveness of these applications, they can be a bit intimidating. Sometimes, you need a simpler and more user-friendly experience, which is exactly what Walling supplies.

Walling has a straightforward, minimalist interface that is very reminiscent of Notion. At the top of the sidemenu is the “Daily Desk.” This is a catch all folder that you can quickly save ideas or links to, without having to worry about sorting them initially. Walling comes with an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to save webpages and images to your daily desk with just a few clicks, which is very handy. Then there are your “Walls.”

Each wall is basically a task or project. Walls can be broken down into any number of sections, and then the sections are made up of “bricks.” These bricks can be anything from to-do lists to notes to images to hyperlinks to even sub-walls. You can create tags for the bricks as well as change their colors and move them around within the section very easily. You can export your walls to various file formats, create sharable links, or directly invite team members to collaborate with you on a wall. Each wall even has its own collapsable chat bar for efficient communication.

It’s all very well designed. You can craft a task management system that is simple but also very-well tailored to your individual needs. Any section of a wall can be viewed in a kanban mode as well, if you want to track your progress on that particular project. It’s flexible, simple, and intuitive, without sacrificing too much in terms of capability.

Walling comes with a fairly robust free option, which lacks some advanced features as well as limiting the number of walls you can build. Billed annually, the premium version comes in at $5/month. It is available on macOS, Windows, the web, and on iOS.

Walling is available here.

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