1Password app review

In one of the more unsettling trends over the last decade or so, cyber crime has grown exponentially in frequency and scope. It makes national news when hackers take control of a pipeline or compromise government servers, but crimes like this occur on a small scale every day. Because of this, it is critically important to keep your login credentials strong and secure. That is where password management software comes in.

1Password is one of a set of applications and services that have come up in recent years to help users keep all of their log-in information safe and secure. The dangers of having weak passwords or reusing the same password for a bunch of different websites are well documented and very real. What password managers like 1Password, Lastpass and Bitwarden do, in the broadest terms, is help you create unique, strong passwords and store them all in one, well-encrypted space.

1Password is one of the most widely used password managers and one of the best, in design, features, and of course security.

First of all, it is incredibly clean and well-designed. The interface looks modern and is easy to navigate. It is also highly customizable. When you first start up 1Password, you have to create a single, particularly strong password. Then, for everything else, 1Password will automatically generate random, strong passwords. To sign-in to any website or device, you simply have to sign-in to 1Password first, and it will enter in the passwords it has generated. Hence the name. All you need is one password.

1Password syncs up across all your devices and there are also extensions for most popular browsers. This means you can use it basically anytime, anywhere that you are using the web. You can also use 1Password as a secure platform to store other information like scans of your passport or other documents.

1Password is only enhanced by additional functionality such as the robust Watchtower feature. With it, 1Password keeps tracks of all the passwords you have stored and updates you if any of them are weak or recycled. It will also notify you if any website that you have an account with has been compromised so that you can quickly and easily update your credentials.

1Password puts in several layers of protection on individual accounts, so that even if they were to experience a data breach, hackers would still not be able to view users’ passwords. This is because each account is protected by both the master password and unique keys for each registered device. Even 1Password doesn’t have access to this information. Obviously, having a high degree of security should go without saying for any password manager, but 1Password really is quite good in this department.

The service comes with a 14 day free trial and then costs $2.99/month. There are also family plan options available.

1Password is available here.

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