St. Louis ranks high in transportation costs

After a eighteen months of disrupted supply chains, altered travel habits, and rising gas prices brought about by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. has seen a rise in the cost of transportation. St. Louis in particular stands out as one of the areas with the highest transportation costs, a recent report shows.

According to research done by the car buying and selling platform CoPilot, St. Louis rates sixth highest in the nation for percentage of household expenditure spent on transportation. Compared to a national average of 16.8% spent on transportation costs, the average in St. Louis was 17.2%. In absolute terms, the average St. Louis household spends $11,123 on transportation per year, while the national average is $10,507.

Of this overall expenditure, the typical St. Louis household spends $2,097 annually on gasoline and oil. Naturally, the biggest transportation expenditure comes in the form of vehicle purchases.

Transportation costs are higher primarily in the West and South, as is seen from the fact that the three cities topping CoPilot’s list are Miami, Phoenix, and Tampa.

It is worth noting as well that most of the metro areas with the highest percent spent on transportation also had lower household expenditures overall. In San Francisco, for instance, people spend almost exactly as much on transportation in absolute terms as in St. Louis. But in San Francisco, $11,103 is on average on 12.7% of average yearly expenditures.

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