CARROT Weather app review

Having any weather app beyond the free, native application can be a hard sell. After all, what could it really offer beyond the 10-day forecast and maybe a live radar map? Quite a bit more as it so happens.

CARROT Weather is an app that does everything it possibly can to justify its own existence. This is not necessarily a good thing, but CARROT does it with such quality and style, that the app is hard to resist.

At the center of its design is the character of CARROT a robot that will give humorous, often profanity-laced (the degree of profanity can be turned up or disabled completely), takes on the weather or just your use of the app itself. This makes checking the weather much more engaging, but the gimmick is also tied into excellent overall design.

When you open up CARROT Weather, the launch screen will display all the information you would expect. From the bottom of the screen you can also access a map page, a CARROT page dedicated to the robot character, and settings. The map has mini games and achievements that you can earn by experiencing different kinds of weather, for example, among other things. It will also record your “stats,” such as the hottest and coldest temperatures you’ve seen using the app.

What really makes it stand out, is that CARROT is one of the most customizable apps you will ever use. There are numerous visual themes for the launch page. Every aspect of the page is customizable visually and in terms of the information it displays. It is honestly something of an inspiration and an exciting vision of how other applications could be enhanced by this degree of customization and attention to detail.

On top of all that, it also does a good job accurately reporting the weather. It draws from Weather Underground and several other APIs. It also has excellent integrations with iOS widgets and Apple Watch.

CARROT Weather is available on the App Store.

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