Annotable app review

Annotable is a simple app that provides a lot of powerful tools for quickly annotating images. Such a toolset is invaluable when you need to highlight key information or explain an image without having to write everything out. For its price and features, Annotable is one of the best apps for marking up images.

Annotable is available for both iPhone and the iPad. You can open up any image or screenshot on your device and get to annotating. It’s design is very straightforward. If you press the bottom right of the screen, you will be able to select from one of your quick access tools. Long-press to see all the tools in the app. Once a tool is selected, press the bottom left to change the color, size, and other settings for that particular tool.

The tools are quite diverse. There’s standard stuff like boxes, arrows, and text. Then there are more unique and powerful tools. For instance, you can use the highlighter to dim out an entire image except for the selected areas. Or you can use the mosaic tool to blur out sensitive information. One of the most unique markup tools is loupe. It allows you to pinpoint and magnify a portion of an image.

The highlighting tool even has OCR functionality, although this can be a bit iffy sometimes, highlighting other sections of the screen. Still, there’s a regular highlighter too, if the OCR doesn’t work correctly.

Annotable is free, although you can upgrade to unlock more colors and features. These can be purchased individually, or in discounted bundles. The free versions has most of the tools you would use, but it is nice that the app deals with one-time pages instead of contributing to subscription fatigue.

Annotable is available on the App Store.

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