Lakefront Maine getaway asks $10 million

Built as a family getaway by Canadian oil tycoon, Kenneth Irving, this home has a unique look, lots of room for recreation, and huge stretches of lake frontage. The family has recently listed the home with an asking price of $10 million.

Irving is the former CEO of Irving Oil and a member of one of Canada’s richest families. He purchased the property in the remote town of Orland, Maine, in order to create the perfect vacation home for his family. He and his wife are now listing the home, as their business ventures have moved them to Western Canada.

The home sits on a huge 483 acre property in rural Maine and features nearly one and a half miles of lake frontage. The main lodge itself is around 6,500 square feet, five bed rooms, two full bathrooms, and three half bathrooms. In total the property has room to sleep around twenty people.

The home has an intriguing half-genuine, half-contrived summer camp feel. For instance, the main residence is split down the middle by a unique foyer. On one side, it is built deliberately to resemble an old semi-rundown camp home, while the other side is thoroughly modern in its design.

The design is overall warm and homelike, much of it purposefully old-fashioned and nostalgic. There are even camp-styled latrines. At the same time, it is still fully decked out with all the modern mechanicals and such.

The house and other structures were designed to fit naturally into the environment around them. There are fire-pits and outdoor seating areas. A hot tub and outdoor shower. There’s even another 250 foot cabin built on a re

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