Innovation and continuity in interior design

COVID has transformed the home in a lot of ways. At various times in the last 18 months, our homes have become schools, offices, gyms, and more. There is a lot of dynamism in the world of interior design, even as classic principles endure.

For example, with elements like painting and wallpaper, homeowners are willing to be a bit more bold. Unique and striking wallpapers are becoming more fashionable, such as these nature-inspired prints by interior designer Michale S. Smith. According to Smith, “After years of a kind of minimalist thing, people are realizing how pattern and color can make a room so much more beautiful.”

COVID is more directly responsible for certain other trends. For example, with the digital clutter of doing everything remotely and sitting in front of a screen 10 hours every day, there is a heightened awareness for more social, tech-free spaces. Lovingly crafted home bars and gardens are seeing a resurgence in popularity for this very reason.

At the same time, the key principles of design remain the same. Speaking to Mansion Global, San Francisco based designer Jeff Schlarb underscored this point, stating, “[T]he contemporary is today, but not in a faddy way, but in a way that feels like we’re still moving along, we’re still reimagining things, but with an eye to the past and an eye toward what’s historic or long-lasting.”

He sees a heightened interest amongst homeowners in quirky and unusual design choices, such as bolder use of colors and a dining room that works in Barbie dolls into the design. It is a sign of the foment occurring that such experimentation can coexist with a return to crown moulding and woodwork.

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