Done app review

Human behavior is greatly directed by our minute to minute impulses and stimuli. As a result, forming good habits is critical to success in almost every aspect of life. To help form and stay on track with these habits, a habit tracker like Done can make all the difference in the world.

There are a lot of great habit tracking apps out there. Streaks is a personal favorite, but Done mixes things up a bit, with a more minimalistic approach.

Done’s biggest selling point is it’s clean and simply gorgeous design. Everything in the app’s interface is crystal clear. When you open it up, all the habits you’re currently tracking are laid out for you.

As you finish each task on its assigned days, mark them as complete, and Done will start recording your streaks. One helpful feature is that it’s very easy on Done to set a habit that you want to do multiple times a day. For instance, if you want to start drinking water more regularly, you could just customize your “Drink Water” task so that it will only be marked as complete once you marked it off five times that day.

It’s all super intuitive. Even the sound effects when you check off habits are vibrant violin hits that really make the whole thing come to life. It should be emphasized that with a habit tracker, engaging design is more than mere window dressing. The better the aesthetic experience of the app is, the more likely you will keep using it as you struggle to form good habits.

On top of that, like most good habit trackers, Done comes with extensive stat features. These allow to see how well (or poorly!) you’ve kept to your habits over time and assess your progress.

Done is available for free on iOS, but this comes with the caveat of only being able to track 3 habits with it at a time. Whether the premium version is worth the price will depend, but it is certainly a beautiful application.

Done is available on the App Store.

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