CleanShot X app review

Taking screenshots is essential for many different forms of communication, whether it be troubleshooting a technical problem or quickly sending images to a colleague. This function is, however, quite underdeveloped in its native form on macOS. Fortunately, CleanShot X takes screenshots to the next level and beyond.

At its most basic, CleanShot functions very similarly to how you would normally take a screenshot in macOS. The keyboard shortcuts are even the same: ‘⌘+Shift+3’ to capture the whole screen or ‘⌘+Shift+4’ to capture select portions. CleanShot greatly expands upon this basic function with a ton of extra features that makes it much easier to take and share images.

What makes CleanShot so awesome is that you can complete entire workflows within it from capturing images to annotating them to immediately storing them in the cloud.

The annotation feature is really strong. You can do the essentials like highlighting and marking down text, but there are also more advanced options. For instance, you can highlight an area of image with sensitive information to have it pixelized. All of this is processed in a matter of seconds as well.

CleanShot also allows you to record sections of your screen to create gifs. You can simply highlight a window or a portion of your screen and record it for as long as you would like. Then, you can trim down the recording as needed within the app and format it as a gif.

It is also insanely customizable. You can adjust how long screenshots stay in the corner of the screen before disappearing, which corner of the screen they show up on. You can take screenshots of an individual window and customize whether you want your wallpaper to show in the background, or have a custom wallpaper for taking screenshots. You can set all screenshots to save automatically, or not. And tons more. It also manages to achieve this level of custom tailoring while still being quite user friendly.

The app costs $29, which is certainly justified if you use it frequently. It is updated very regularly with new features as well. There is also a pro-subscription that can be added on top of this base cost, but for most personal use it is unnecessary. It adds features such as unlimited cloud storage and several team-based features, but the regular version of CleanShot contains all the core power and functionality.

CleanShot is available for purchase here.

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