SwiftScan app review

While it is a truism, it is still incredible that smartphones have gotten so powerful that they can now execute in seconds functions that used to take big bulky machines ages to do. One example of these is scanning physical documents. Even in a digital world, there’s still numerous occasions where it can be necessary to convert paper documents to digital ones. There are a lot of good scanner app options out there that can do this, and SwiftScan is one of the best.

To make a scan in SwiftScan, you just need to open the app, and it will detect any paper or books in frame and give you on-screen instructions to move your camera into place. Then it takes a picture. You can adjust the borders or edit the color and contrast to get rid of any shadows or bad lighting. It also gives you the option to scan multiple pages and then it will compile them into a single file. All editing features can also be done later once the scan is saved.

You can then save the file as either a pdf or a jpeg and then send the scans directly to email, fax, and most major cloud sharing services with just a tap. The process is basically seamless, a feeling that is enhanced by SwiftScan’s phenomenal visual design.

SwiftScan also has optical character recognition (OCR). This allows the app to extract text from an image and create an editable version of it. This is a fairly common feature nowadays, but SwiftScan does it quite well. You have to do some editing for accuracy, but it’s overall quite good.

All of this is done within the app itself. One of SwiftScan’s standout features is its privacy and security. The app does not upload your images to the cloud to do OCR or generate scans. Everything is done quickly and efficiently within the app itself. It is this processing power that makes SwiftScan standout.

It should be noted that while SwiftScan used to be fairly affordable for a one-time payment, the iOS version is now based on a monthly subscription. This is somewhat hard to justify when there are less expensive alternatives out there, but SwiftScan is still probably the most powerful scanner app available. So if you use the features a lot, it may be worth the cost.

SwiftScan is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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