Just Press Record app review

Inspiration can strike at a moment’s notice. For all those times when you get a thought or idea on the go, it is incredibly helpful to have a simple, reliable, and effective means of capturing that inspiration. Just Press Record is exactly that.

Just Press Record is an incredibly well designed recording app for Apple devices. If you couldn’t guess based on the title, all you need to do to start an audio recording is… just press record. There’s no time limit, so you can let the app run for as long as you need it and that’s it. You now have an audio recording, and a text transcription, saved for future reference.

Better yet, Just Press Record automatically saves everything to your iCloud Drive, so the audio and transcripts automatically sync up across all of your Apple devices. You can edit the transcripts later for quality, as well as trim down the recordings as needed. Recordings are arranged in folders by the date the recording was made.

One of the standout features is that Just Press Record is available across all Apple devices, from the iPhone to macOS to Apple Watch. It is especially useful on Apple Watch, as you can easily make a recording without skipping a beat. Then everything goes over to your phone or computer automatically.

It’s all super simple, and incredibly well designed. Just Press Record doesn’t get bogged down in a lot of additional features. It executes a simple function seamlessly with excellence and style.

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