Substantial Oregon horse farm asks $19.5 million

Barb Ellison, ex-wife of Oracle founder and big-tech billionaire Larry Ellison, has recently put her luxurious Oregon ranch on the market for $19.5 million. The property, known as Wild Turkey Farm, comes with a main residence, a manger’s residence, and several barns.

Wild Turkey Farm is located in Wilsonville, Oregon on the Willamette River. Ms. Ellison originally bought the property in 2001 for $2.995 million. Back then, the land was mostly taken up by orchards. She moved to the farm full-time from California in 2011 when the main residence was completed.

The property is 200 acres in total. There is a main residence of around 10,000 square feet as well as a 2,500 square foot manager’s residence. The main residence has five bedrooms. The master suite includes its own laundry room and gym.

The interior of the main residence is warm and welcoming. Much of the furniture and woodworking is made of cherry, including the kitchen cabinets. The main living space also has stone floors and four separate fireplaces.

Besides the main residence, there is also the horse farm itself. There are a number of barns and sheds on the property, as well as several large paddocks and open fields. It is enough to house the 90 horses currently living on the farm. They are not included in the sale.

The home is around 16 miles south of Portland in the Willamette River Valley. The area is not too crowded, but like many semi-rural areas it is seeing an increase of activity. The median home price in Clackamas County, where the home is located, was $570,000 in June, 2021. This is a 24% year over year increase.

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