MindNode app review

If you want a different way of brainstorming and organizing your thoughts, you might want to try mind mapping. Mind mapping is a different, more creative approach to collecting and organizing your thoughts. While it can be done with a pen and paper, there are also some excellent mind mapping apps. MindNode is one of the best.

Mind mapping is a more visual way of organizing your thoughts. Basically, you put down the central idea or concept, and then have branching sub-topics come off of it. You can get as specific and nitty-gritty as you would like, and the format is very flexible. This is what a simple mind map looks like in MindNode.

MindNode’s interface is clear, distinct, and incredibly easy to use. You can easily add new nodes to a branch or drag nodes between different branches. In the app’s workspace, you can right click to create another “Main node” so that you can work on multiple mind maps in the same space.

If the space is getting too cluttered, you can fold the nodes of a particular branch to help focus just on the task at hand. One feature that is quite unique to MindNode, is that you can also view any of your maps as a traditional bullet-pointed outline.

Mind mapping is certainly a lot more “right-brain” and not for everybody. It’s supposed to be intuitive and a bit free form. But it has a lot of applications from simple note-taking and brainstorming to creating whole scripts and workflows. It also has applications on a larger scale for project management.

The basic mind mapping features in the app are available for free. It has a lot of extra functionality, including being able to attach hyperlinks and images to each node, in the premium version. The premium version of the app is $2.49/month or $19.99/year.

MindNode is available on the App Store.

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