Quirky Idaho home shaped like a spaceship asks $9.95 million

Located near the resort city of Sun Valley, Idaho, this unusual home blends a lot of different elements into a unique look. Equal parts rustic ranch and futuristic starship, the home has recently entered the market with an asking price of $9.95 million.

The home was originally built in 2009, but left unfinished when the original owner ran into financial difficulty. The current owner, Gary Engman, owns a local construction and lumber company that actually did some work on the home when it was first built. Mr. Engman purchased the home in 2019 for $1.125 million, after which he completed the interior.

The home is quite substantial at approximately 12,500 square feet with five bedrooms in total. Viewed from above, the home’s unconventional layout somewhat resembles a starship in flight.

The home’s design is very unique. From above, the structure resembles a spaceship and on the interior its a curious mixture of industrial and rustic elements. Built largely of grey concrete, steel, and glass, the home also incorporated lots of reclaimed antique wood. Saddles and mounted animal trophies go hand in hand with exposed pipes and a 12-foot across industrial sprocket mounted on one of the doors.

The home has plenty of amenities, including a rooftop pool and a manmade pond on one side of the home. There’s also a gym and a circular bar.

The home is around 20 miles south of the city of Sun Valley, and features some gorgeous views of the surrounding area. Like several other Idaho cities, Sun Valley has had a very hot real estate market recently as people move in from other states.

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