Dark Noise app review

In a world of a million distractions, Focus is the fuel of productivity. From Pomodoro timers to habit trackers to hyper-sophisticated workflows, there’s a lot of tools out there to help maximize focus. But sometimes you just need something as simple as noise. That’s where Dark Noise comes in.

Dark Noise is a noise making app that allows you to create different mixes of ambient, white noise. It’s simple and straightforward, with plenty of customization available.

When you go into the app, you can see a long list of the different white noise options available. These range from fireplaces to waterfalls to static noise of various kinds. There’s a lot of different options, but the app doesn’t overwhelm you with features.

Select any noise from the landing page, and it will play the sound, along with a minimalistic animation. You can also layer the preset sounds over each other to create custom noises. For example, you could have the coffee shop ambience playing over a faint thunderstorm in the background. You can favorite any custom sound for easy access later.

Again, the app is far from the most sophisticated apps out there. But it does what it sets out to do, and does so with style and efficiency. So if you need some white noise or ambience to get in the zone and stay focused, Dark Noise is a great option for that.

Dark Noise is also very effectively integrated with iOS, taking full advantage of Siri and Widgets. This makes it really user friendly, if you’re already familiar with those features. It also syncs up across Apple devices.

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