Characteristics of Talented People

Here are the characteristics to look for when searching for talent.

When discussing hiring people to join your real estate team, a question that always comes up is, “How do I recognize talent?” On page 161 in his book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent,” Gary Keller talks about five characteristics of talent versus non-talent, and today I want to share them with you:

1.Talent pushes to get answers. When you hire a talented person, they want to be in the know. They’ll search for solutions to problems. By contrast, non-talent will have to be pushed to get answers. Talent pushes, non-talent has to be pushed.

2. Talent shares your goals. They fulfill your needs by fulfilling their own. Non-talent doesn’t fulfill your needs and ends up giving you back pieces of your job. Have you ever hired someone with the intent for them to do something, but over time you found yourself taking over that responsibility? That’s non-talent.

“Search for people who have a demonstrated track record of being talented.”

3. Talent knows what it wants or is actively searching for it. On the flip side, non-talent doesn’t know what they want and they aren’t searching for it. 

4. Talent is constantly pushing you. One of the challenges of having talent on your team is that they’ll push and require you to get bigger. You may feel pressured to grow the team. Again, non-talent requires you to push them.

5. Talent continually raises the bar and wants to be associated with other talent. Talent won’t put up with being on a team with people who aren’t very talented. I like to say that thoroughbreds don’t like to hang out with donkeys. Non-talent may not know where the existing bar is set or even know what bar you’re talking about if you bring it up. 

When you’re looking to hire for your team, keep these characteristics in mind. Search for people who have a demonstrated track record of being talented. 

If you have further questions about finding talent or any other topic, call or email me. I would love to help with your real estate business.

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