Investor moves forward on luxury hotel plans in Augusta

Hoffman Family of Companies, the Florida-based real estate company, has big plans for the small town of Augusta. With the company’s recent purchase of an additional 50 acres in the town, they are moving forward with plans to make Augusta a tourism hotspot.

Hoffman Family of Companies has recently purchased 50 acres of land in Augusta close to Knoernschild Vineyards. The plan is to construct a luxury 5-star hotel on the site, right off of Highway 94. The company already owned 50 acres on the spot, bringing the total size of the property to 100 acres.

The projected hotel will have 53 rooms and 7 suites. It will come with a wide array of high-end amenities, including conference and event venues, a spa, a yoga studio, indoor and outdoor pools, as well as a restaurant. Construction is set to begin in the fall and to take around 18 months.

Hoffman Family also owns another property in the Augusta region that they are planning to develop into a luxury hotel. They acquired the Emmaus Home Complex, a former seminary, back in May. The Emmaus site will be developed into an 18-room hotel, but details are yet to be forthcoming the timeline on that project. CEO David Hoffman has stated that these investments will create 300 new jobs in the community.

The company has invested heavily in the Augusta region, with an eye to transforming it into a Napa Valley style tourism hotspot. Missouri’s own wine country. They already own several wineries in the region, as well as some properties in downtown Augusta. Future plans include a golf course and a 96-foot luxury yacht for cruising and serving wine on the Missouri River.

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