Bimble app review

Bimble is an app about sharing and discovering awesome places. From local dives and holes-in-the-wall to parks and attractions, Bimble lets you create your own curated travel guides and share them with the world.

Bimble is free and very easy to use. Its design is simple and easy to navigate. Once you create your account, you can start making Bimbles. Create a theme for the Bimble, like “Favorite Restaurants in St. Louis” and then you can start adding locations. For each location, you can add photos, whether or not you’ve visited it before, and a description with #tags. You can set any Bimble to private or public, in case you just want to Bimble for your personal use.

Bimble also has a robust discover page. There are trending Bimbles, places, and users from around the world. You can also search by category or tags, like Culture, Student Life, and Food & Drink. Or you can look up a city, and find the best Bimbles connected to that location.

It should be added that Bimble is quite a new app. Currently Bimbles are basically just lists of locations. It works well and is pretty user friendly, but has a lot of room for growth.

Bimble definitely has some rough edges. It runs slowly in general. Sometimes when searching for bimbles or places, it will run the search after you enter each character. Counterbalancing this, the app does have an active and attentive team of developers who regularly fix and update the app.

Furthermore, like any network based app in its infancy, Bimble also suffers from a lack of active users. The discover page is neat, but the vast majority of Bimbles are located in a few major hubs like New York City and London. Of course, the more people that use Bimble the more fun and the more valuable it will be. But right now, the small user-base is quite noticeable.

Overall, though, Bimble is still worth checking out, if only to create some personal travel guides. It’s about enthusiasm for local communities and sharing places that you love. In a world where people seize every opportunity to be negative and critical, that means a lot.

Bimble is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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