Homebuilding boom in St. Charles County continues

St. Charles County saw a surge in single-family home construction in 2020. Halfway through 2021, building in the region is still going strong, an indication of the larger population and economic expansion in the county.

St. Charles County has reported that from January to May of 2021, it has issued a total of 792 permits for single-family detached units together with 31 permits for single-family attached units. This is up from 662 and 4 permits respectively during the same period of 2020.

Home construction is off to a good start, with building focused in towns such as O’Fallon, Wentzville and St. Charles city, according to Mike Hurlbert, the county’s director of community development. Hurlbert said that in 2020, the county issued around 1800 permits for single-family homes. While those were record-setting numbers for the area, it is already on track to surpass them this year.

Multifamily housing construction is down a bit in St. Charles county this year from the surging numbers reported in 2020. By May of 2020, the county had issued permits for 655 units, which decreased to 192 units in the same period this year. Overall, the county issued multifamily permits for a record 1,049 in 2020.

The explosion of construction in the area is in response to local population growth. Over the 2010’s, the county’s population grew 11.5% from 362,000 in 2010 to 402,000 in 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Hurlbert said that the county anticipates its population growing to approximately 470,000 by 2030.

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