The 5 Most Important Activities That Agents Should Focus On

If you focus your time on these five areas, you’re bound to see results.

Over the last 20 years I’ve spent in real estate, I’ve seen many of my fellow agents struggle to focus on the right things. These people believed that everything in real estate matters equally, but this prevents them from prioritizing the things that matter most. We call it the 80/20 Principle, which refers to how 20% of the activities you do in real estate yield 80% of the results. The trick to being successful is figuring out what the 20% of activities are.

In my experience, there are five areas Realtors should focus on above all else. These include

1. Lead generation: If you spend two hours on this per day, it’s almost impossible to fail in real estate. Lead generation could include many different activities, such as cold calling, interacting with your sphere of influence, engaging in social media, and much more.

2. Lead follow-up: Most of your success comes from this phase. When a person says they won’t want to buy or sell for a while, what’s your follow-up plan? How are you going to make sure you’re top of mind when they decide to jump into the market? When I coach agents, I tell them to spend around one hour per day following up.

“20% of the activities you do in real estate yield 80% of the results.”

3. Go on appointments: This is where we get agreements from prospective clients, and these agreements later turn into contracts. Each week, every agent should set a goal for how many listing appointments they want to have. On Monday morning, you look at the number and go for it—don’t stop until you reach the goal.

4. Negotiate contracts: Negotiation skills are one of the key things an agent can bring to the table. It’s important to focus on becoming a great negotiator and carving out enough time to negotiate effectively. Negotiation is critical in today’s market, especially when trying to help buyers succeed when there’s little inventory to go around.

5. Practice: The key to becoming a better agent is to practice. Practice scripts, roleplay different situations, and seek out training opportunities. Many Realtors think school is out of session after they get their license, but top agents know there’s always more to learn and implement.

If you’ve found that your real estate business is struggling, try focusing on these five key areas. You’re bound to grow as an agent, use your time more effectively, and see some awesome results. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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